Company Profile


Shuoh Tai Metal Industrial Co., Ltd, located in Changhua County, Taiwan, was established in 1992. It initially engaged in the processing, trading of second-hand extile machineries, parts and as well as cast iron scraps. As Taiwan's environmental awareness was promoted, it prompted the upgrading of the foundry industry throughout Taiwan, and to that reason, Shouh Tai's corperation was restructed to better adopt and keep up with the time. Since the establishment, Shouh Tai grew from trading regionally to supplying to three major industrail projects in Taiwan. That include steel plants, stainless steel plants and foundreis for high, medium and low frequency furnaces, then later on became an exceptional supplier for major plants and foundries in northern, central and southern part of Taiwan.

The company's vision is to adhere the philosophy to supply good-quality products, provide professional attitude, to uphold the steady development and innovation in order to achieve for a long-term sustainable business operations.


Integrity, pragmatism and innovation
Shuoh Tai Metal Industrial Co., Ltd